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Maine coon is a native cat of the Northern America (Maine). It is supposed to be the largest breed of domestic cats in the world. Weight of an adult male varies from 6 to 12 kg, but some rare animals can reach even 15 kg. Females weigh much less - as usual, up to 6 kg. Despite that large size maine coons are notable for very sweet temper and absolute lack of aggression towards people, that is one of this breed's specific features. They are very sociable, curious and get along well with other pets. These cats are fond of kids and are perfect baby-sitters. Coons possess gentle soul, delicate communication manners and strong intellectual abilities. They have some very funny in our view habits: they "dig" water as if removing by paws the leaves and twigs floating on the puddle surface; they like to sleep in the draught or curling in sink; they settle themselves immediately near human-beings as dogs; they take strange poses, etc. Maine coons "clang" in gentle melodious voice when talking to people or between each other - they don't cry like other cats. The breed establishment took place in mountain forests of the Northern America that awarded coons with exceptional coat: dense multilayer fur of different length and texture served as an excellent protection against any weather. Short and coarse on head, shoulders and legs it let the cats move freely in wild woods; long and bushy on belly, trousers and tail it kept the cats warm during long and frosty winters acting as heat-insulation pad. Tufts of hair between toes helped the animals to move in deep snow without sinking down, and fluffy frill prevented them from getting cold. Outer coat made of coarse long and smooth hair on the back and sides didn't let the fine and thick undercoat get soaked under rain. Lynx tufts and extremely long whiskers served to the purposes of lucky hunt, as well as very long tail. In summer season coons lose up to 1/3 of their coat to avoid a heat stroke. At any other time they nearly don't cast the coat. Maine coon is a very strong animal with flashy reactions and high intellect whatsoever galoot he seems to be. This cat has long body, heavy boning, broad paws and well developed musculature. Besides, they are known to have excellent health and very well-balanced nervous system. Maine coon is a natural-born hunter!

First notes of "Maine Coon Cats" come back to the beginning of the 19th century, and then they became more and more famous. They were working farm cats featuring large size, robustness, good temper and exclusive skills in rat-hunting what they were numerously awarded for at agricultural shows and deserved everybody's love and recognition. Peak of show popularity of the breed was registered at the end of the 19th - the beginning of the 20th centuries. The most frequent and popular were considered to be brown tabby colours in maine coons. Moreover, both traditional-footed and polydactyl maine coons participated in the shows on equal terms (see "Polydactylie" page), and according to some sources the number of polydactyls came to about 40% of the total coon population. However, after the rush of the breed popularity came its not less sheer fall, when in 1911 maine coons were made equal to ordinary domestic non-breed cats. Their number thereafter decreased drastically and they were completely forgotten for several decades. The breed as it is saw our days only thanking to utterly titanic efforts of its sincere fans and enthusiasts who has been maintaining and developing it for long-long years, and finally succeeded in its acceptance into champion ring in 1976. But newly developed standard didn't let into Championship polydactyls that were earlier freely used in breeding. And again there appeared fans-enthusiasts fighting for polydactyl maine coon rights before world cat community. Now polydactyls are used for breeding and can be shown in New Traits division of TICA registree. They are also recognised by some other cat fancy associations but can be shown only as pets. At the end of 2008 the New Zealand Cat Fancy accepted polydactyl maine coons for championship along with traditional-footed cats of this breed.

It's just impossible not to fall in love with maine coon at the first sight! This is a sweet-tempered giant with severe look and gentle soul. Gentle and tender, loving and obedient, smart and sociable - coon is not a cat that walked by himself! Coon is a friend, baby-sitter, doctor, pillow and companion - all in one. Taking home coon be ready to start thinking of another one! Coons never come alone!

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