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Our hobby maine coon cattery specializes in breeding wild-colour cats - brown tabby mackerel, brown tabby classic and brown tabby spotted with or without white - of pro-classic type. We use in our breeding programme polydactyl animals also that are in our opinion is an integral part of maine coon gene pool. The cattery is registered in the American association TICA (reg. cert. No. 19201 dt. 28.08.2008). Besides, we are a member of the international group supporting polydactyl maine coons acceptance to champion ring - PolyStandard.

Our goal is breeding physically and mentally healthy, large, smart, sweet-tempered and sociable cats with a well-balanced nervous system, that completely meets the standard in terms of exterior and character. The very special "coon" temper is an obligatory criteria for selecting breeding cats. We do our best to clean our lines off of the known breed-specific genetic defects and diseases. All breeding animals regularly undergo vaccination (QUADRICAT) and tests for genetic diseases (HCM, PKD, HD) and also for virus  (FeLV, FIV, FHV, FeCV-coronavirus) and bacterial (mycoplasmosis, clamidiosis, toxoplasmosis) infections - the results are negative.

We reside in the centre of Moscow (PAVELETSKAYA underground station). In summer season our cats live along with us in the countryside in a specialized open-air enclosure. The basis of their diet is dry industrial food. Round the year they enjoy fresh-air walks, physical exercises, and - the most important - communication, attention, care, and love of their human family members.

Our cattery was established in 2008, although our passion for coons came much earlier - in 2005, when our first maine coon male Bruklin arrived . He conquered our hearts with his unimaginably sweet and obedient nature and fantastic appearance. As many other first coon owners we have been choosing him by heart. The following three years were the time of accumulation of information, experience in communication with maine cooons and their breeders, judges and vets; it was also the time of making friends and comrades, and obtaining somewhat more or less clear vision of the breed and setting our future goals in relation thereto. In 2007 to the fatal "coon-disease" added our passion for polydactyls resulting in bringing from Germany in summer of 2008 polydactyl female Mamba who became the very first polydactyl female maine coon shown in Russia. The proverb that "coon never comes alone" turned out to be absolutely true to us also! Family coon-mania ended up by registering maine coon cattery OldyGoody as an actual embodiment of our vision of the breed and future breeding plans.

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