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All kittens of our cattery are sold vaccinated, accustomed to litter, scratching mat/post and industrial food, not younger than 3.5 months old. Kittens sold abroad are necessarily chipped. Kittens of pet quality leave for new homes neutered/spayed. At the Buyer's wish and expense, additional tests can be done for the kitten (subject to availability of respective facilities in RF). Method and cost of transportation are discussed individually in each case.

Polydactyl male-kittens can not be sold for breeding.

We don't approve keeping our offsprings running free and as single cats home.

Kitten status:

Free - somebody shows interest in the kitten, but there are no firm agreements

Reserved - there is an oral agreement concerning the kitten purchase in existance

Sold - advance payment for the kitten is made

Stays - the kitten stays in the cattery

Litter A - 26.10.2009
Litter В - 06.11.2010
Litter C - 19.11.2010
Litter D (F6) - 10.03.2011
Litter Е (F6) - 14.02.2012
Litter F (F6) - 21.12.2012