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Polydactyl (6/6/4/4)

OldyGoody Night Bird

Имя: OldyGoody Night Bird
Дата рождения: 06.11.2010

Bird was born in our cattery. This is one more kitten of the cattery prime queen Mamba who was left for future breeding work. She took after her mother expressive type, heavy boning, stong build, extremely long tail and highly dominant temper. Even in minor routine habits Bird perfectly copies her mother. After father she inherited excellent thick coat with bright contrast colour and ideal head proportions. Bird promises to grow into a very large female - being only 7 months old we weighed already 5.5 kg, and until 1 month age we thought she was a male :)). If the young beauty develops further in that manner she has a chance to become the best show-female of our cattery.