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Date 04.06.2011
Location Moscow, VDNH
Show InfoKot 2011 (TICA)
Result 5x1st Best NT

InfoKot 2011 (TICA)

Moscow, June 4, 2011

This is the first show of our Bird and the fist terrific success! She was the first in all five rings in competition with poly-boys of Russian and foreign breeing. Bird took her time to get excellent thick coat and sound weight - she weighed 5.3 kg when 6.5 months old! That gave her substantial advantage in comparison with same age males. Judges also noted the girl's wonderful type and show temper. She exceeds her mother in breed qualities and we hope, after some time Bird will present decent replacement to Mamba in our breeding program.

With Katharina Krenn With Jean Marc La Garde With Pascal Remi With Vlada Benyna With Anna Nazarova Winner Happy mom